Services (DE) bietet folgende Services an:

  • DNS-Services
  • Mailservices
  • Webhosting Services

1. User können via Kontaktformular hier im Blog nach einer DNS-Zone auf meinen Nameservern anfragen. Das ist für User interessant welche eine DNS-Zone haben aber keine Nameserver. Das geht nur für «echte» Domains und funzt nicht für dyndns Hostnamen.

2. User können von auch SMTP-Relay-Dienste bekommen (Kontakt). Mailservice beinhaltet einen SMTP Inbound und Outbound Server mit fixer IP-Adresse. Weiterhin gibt es verschiedene für Mail nötige DNS-REcords (z.B. MX, SPF or dkim records). Allerdings nur wenn die Domain selber über meine Nameserver verwaltet wird.
das Angebot beinhaltet nur Relay Dienste. Man bekommt keine Mailbox auf meinen Servern

3. User können von auch Webhostings (inkl PHP Support) erhalten. Das gilt aber nur für kleinere (private) Auftritte ohne jegliche Geschäftstätigkeit. Mit dabei sind

  1. PHP Support (aktuell 5.6.14)
  2. FTP (mit Passwort) Zugriff auf das Hosting
  3. SFTP (nur mit Schlüsseldatei) Zugriff auf das Hosting
  4. htaccess und mod_rewrite

Wie bekommt man das?
Wenn Sie sich für einen oder beide Services interessieren, dann füllen Sie bitte das Kontaktformular entsprechend aus. Die folgenden Daten sind zwingend nötig:

  • Name (Nickname falls aus unserem Forum
  • Emailadresse (muss Mails empfangen können, keine Wegwerfadressen!!)
  • für welchen Service man sich anmelden will
  • Begründung wieso man den Service braucht

Fall nötige Infos fehlen wird die Anfrage einfach ignoriert!

Services (EN) offers the following services for users:

  • DNS-Services
  • Mailservices
  • Webhosting services

1. Users can contact me via contact form here in the Blog and ask for a DNS-Zone on my nameservers. This helps users who own a domainname but have no nameservers. This only works for «real» domains and does not work for dyndns hostnames.
Beside nameservers offers a «updateable» DNS zone which allows the user to dynamically update the zone when the external IP address changes. This service works according to dyndns spec. So every dyndns capable client (for example routers) can update the zone data.

2. Users can obtain mailservices for their domain via the contact form in the blog. Mailservices include an inbound/outbound SMTP server with a fixed external IP address. Furthermore if needed DNS records (for example MX, SPF or dkim records) can be created, but only if the domain is managed on my nameservers.
It’s only a relay access. So no mailbox on my servers

3. Users can obtain webservices (with PHP support) for their webhostings. That is only available for small (private) pages without any commercial intensions. Included

  1. PHP support (currently PHP 5.6.14)
  2. FTP (with password) access to the webhosting
  3. SFTP (only with keyfile) access to hosting
  4. htaccess and mod_rewrite

How to apply
If you want to apply for one or both of the services please fill out the contact form. The following data are mandatory: Name (nickname if from our forum), email (this address must be able to receive mail), service you want to apply (you can mention the service in subject and/or content) and last (but not least) please explain why you need the service.

If any information above is missing in requests, they will be silently ignored

Legal Stuff
These services are not public services. Users can apply for the service via contact form, but there is no guarantee that the users gets the requested service. These services are only for users that I know and that I trust. So if you are a user in our forum, please let me know your nickname when applying for a service via contact form

These services are offered as best efford and free of charge. Although downtimes of the services are not the goal of the service, they can occur due to many different reasons. Regular downtimes (for example security updates) will be notified via mail and website in advance if possible. cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting in un-availability/usage of offered services. Personal data are stored in a secure manner and will only be used in relation with the services. Especially they won’t ever be sold/given for free to 3rd parties. The one and only reason to disclose personal data is on request of law enforcement agencies.
The services are offered from Switzerland, therefore Swiss laws apply. Especially Swiss privacy laws for user data.
In case of abuse of these services by a registred user, can terminate the service until the reason for the abuse is clarified and sucessfully fixed. Examples of abuse are unnessecary dyndns updates and sending Spam or malware via the SMTP service. can be contacted via form or directly via mail at webmaster[!!Ät?=] is a private non-commercial project. Therefore the operator of the page does not have to be specified according to Swiss competition law. Nevertheless you can find out very easy who I’am as the domain is correclty registred with Swiss NIC (Switch) 😉